Friday, April 25, 2008

Limerick Contest and Giveaway!

Sorry for all those visiting from the freebie thingie!
I didn't read the rules at first, you know... so I didn't post a givewawy...

But now I've got it together. Be creative and have fun. All I require is a cute little limerick about adorable bugs. It can be about any of the bugs from any of the posts.
I will judge the entries on Friday May 2nd. First and second place winners will get something Faerie Made and fantastic... albeit probably small.
Just add your limerick in the comments below the post of your choice. I'll find them all and judge fairly. Maybe I'll inlist a panel of judges. Good Luck!!

Example of a bad limerick written by me:

There once was a cute little snailio.
Who didn't have a very long tailio.
He kept it nice and slimy.
On the back of his hiney.
He'd do well to stay out of jailio.

photo by CtMom

Example of Faerie Made products I've awarded in the past.