Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A...

...Hickory horned devil? Indeed he was.

Citheronia regalis  (regal indeed) or Royal Walnut moth

Speaking of horned insects (referring to the last blog... posted minutes ago because I'm feeling moderately motivated and making up for lost time...) here is a sweet and friendly giant moth.

Pay no attention to the fact that my palm is enormous and super shiny, non-calloused palms that haven't seen a weight bar in a while... erm. .(shifty eyes..) Just look at the moth.

Oh, but wait... because you need to know that I just learned something and you need to know this too. How I made it to nearly 40 without knowing this is truly baffling BUT... apparently caterpillars turn into goo inside their chrysalises until they regenerate into their final life stage be it moth or butterfly. For real. Again, I am not trying to fool anyone into thinking I am an entomologist or really know what I'm talking about.. ever.

Back to moth pictures..

All moth photos are mine.

Horned Devil by Cozytailmom on deviantART

See how fuzzy? Nuts! I love him! .. or her..

Another full body shot...

The hickory horned larvae is even crazier looking than its moth:
photo credit: Chris Hibbard


Nearly gone already? Seems like autumn just got here. Ah well.. I've been too busy enjoying and living life to keep up with my blogs.
So, here are pics of adorable bugs.

It was a miserable, cold wet day when I took the pic of this poor guy. Probably a tussock caterpillar but it was too wet to identify.

A Miserable Weekend by Cozytailmom on deviantART

This guy/gal is autumn (that's a metaphor..) at my doorbell.

Blends with Autumn by Cozytailmom on deviantART

Here's a cute guy: Tobacco Hornworm Manduca sexta

Tobacco Horned Worm by Cozytailmom on deviantART

..and his friend

Tobacco Horned Worm II by Cozytailmom on deviantART