Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Say Cheezzzzzzz

Somebody in Cornwall managed to get a pic of a smiling bee.
Now, why would a bee be smiling? Maybe because it lives in matriarchal society?
Kidding.. bees just love pollen and are generally happy and adorable creatures.

you know... the bee kinda looks like it's ready to unleash an evil plan...
Read about the smiling buzzer here at the Daily Mail.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Nah, It's just a bornella anguilla but I hear he is lookin' for a wife!

Visit National Geographic to see the rest. They are all interesting and most of them are adorable.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Save them!

The honey bees need some help! We depend on them for so much and they ask so little of us....
Haagen-Daaz Ice Cream created this beautiful and sad commercial. If you ever had a heart string in there for insects this video will tug it.

They also created this adorable site with info on how you can help. Honey Bee Crisis. We can all do little things like buy local honey and plant certain types of flowers. I'm going to add some more bee friendly plants to my flowerbed this year like lavender and violets. I would LOVE to have my own hives but sadly my husband is allergic to bees so that won't be happening.

Buzzzzzzzz Bzz Bzz Buzzzzzz!

And the winners are....

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the giveaway. I've been in the middle of finals and I am stressssssssssed!
But, I only have one final and a 25 page paper left to do now so I'm feeling a bit better.

The 1st place winner is BlaqueButterfly.
She'll be receiving some Fairie Made bath and body treats!

The second place winner is ihchicky. She will also receive a slighly smaller package of Fairie Made good stuff!

I also love EricaG's limerick but alas... it was not about bugs...

Anyhow, thanks for participating guys! I occationally hold contests on this blog and my personal blog (Cozytail's Procrastination Station) so check in from time to time.
I'll also start this contest sooner next year to give people more time to participate!