Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Adorabugs?

We all know that kittens, puppies and tiny tortoises draw the crowds. The enormous success of blogs such as Cute Overload and Kitten Wars have proven that people can't get enough of the cute. However, I feel one phylum of animalia have been sadly overlooked; Arthropoda. Though many loath these multi-legged creatures I suspect it's simply because they have never gotten close enough to see the true potential for cuteness. I hope to change that perception with this blog. Think of the cute bumble bee who couldn't be separated from your Coke. How about Jiminy Cricket? Even Cute Overload has posted an occasional cute insect. Remember the overreaching snail? “Ehn....” Alright, maybe snails aren't insects but I still think of them as bugs cause I can't help it. What about the baseball lovin' mantis?
I encourage all bug lovers to send me your bug pics and videos. Help me help adorabugs everywhere gain the respect they deserve as cutie pies!

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