Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Too Soon?

A toast... to spring!  Yeeaahh! 
- Can't find any other info about this artist, Kristine Nora, except a link to her Twitter page. Follow her and maybe she'll announce work for sale. Or maybe this is her only painting and it happens to be awesome. I don't know...

Update: 09-11-14
I have since received an update from Kristine Nora. She explained that she is an artist who works with bees and the twitter pic is of a cover of an old New Yorker magazine. I still love it. Follow her on Instagram at KritineNora_ to see her photography and art. She has some great bee and honey shots.

I only took about 25,000 pictures of the first crocus to emerge in this 60 degree weather. Woot!
Hmmm Always issues with the cropping and that durn Instagram. 

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