Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lunas Return

Being a school teacher and sponsor of the senior class means I am busy, busy, busy in the early spring finalizing the school year and preparing for graduation. Then, I need a week or so after graduation to decompress and almost literally think about nothing. Seriously, I spend hours playing Candy Crush until the stress dreams stop.

I was enjoying Spring for being spring; however, and taking a lot of pictures.
I'll start with the collection of luna moth (actias luna) visitors. They seem to start showing up near the end of May and stay through mid-June.
Here are some pics I caught with my Nikon N50 zoom lens and others with my phone.

Nikon shot. This is one of the first times I have seen the lunas in the wild and not clinging to the side of my house.

Another Nikon shot. It was cool to see the moth sort of using its camouflage. I can see how it might fool some animals... It definitely looks lovely enough to attract a mate.

Here are a couple of others that haven't been tweeted yet:
These are Samsung 5 shots:
On the porch rail this time...

Luna on a Deck Rail by Cozytailmom on deviantART

And their favorite spot...

Luna on Bricks IV by Cozytailmom on deviantART

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