Friday, January 10, 2014

Fascinated by the Fascinators

I saw this pic on Facebook this morning and decided to do whatever I can to eradicate arachnophobia and add a bit of spidery cheer to the world. Enjoy!

Admire these pics of jumping spiders (salticidae) wearing hats. Also, be a little jealous of their luxurious long lashes. After spending...ehmmm more than five minutes researching on the web, I was unable to find any commentary on the reason for this behavior. I am left to conclude these spiders are just awesome and have a quirky sense of fashion.

My real, mostly uneducated, theory is that this may have something to do with their vision.. and light refraction... perhaps?

'Cause I'm an English teacher...
Lu, Christina. "BuzzFeed." Weblog post. Community. N.p., 21 Apr. 2013. Web. 10 Jan. 2014.

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