Monday, January 20, 2014

Flightless Moon

Above was my attempt to create a deep, meaningful title.

My home is surrounded by walnut and hickory trees, a favorite food of the luna moth, and my porch light is a beacon. From early spring to mid-summer I can find lunas alive and clinging to my secluded brick house which is nestled against a mountain in a densely wooded lot.

I rarely find a living moth that is completely intact. Most have tears in their wings or are missing entire portions.  Often, I find only pieces of them if I don't go out and look until the afternoon.
I saw this wing on the porch and the other in the mulch by a batch of blue hostas. I'm guessing something with much larger wings ate the fuzzy center.

Still there is something poetic about that single wing. It's still beautiful.

Lovely Remains by Cozytailmom on deviantART

Photo by Christie Acker. Print available on Deviant Art.

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